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Oklahomans fight against Cannabis Prohibition. Time to start JURY NULLIFICATION

Circulating Petitions to amend laws & challenging political seats are not the only way to fight in this marijuana movement, explains Chad Moody. According to Moody, an effective way to fight back is thru JURY NULLIFICATION. He said that he was informed that the marijuana movement in Colorado began to gain steam when juries began nullifying these marijuana cases.

Some people don’t know about the doctrine of Jury Nullification, as its not talked about in the court rooms anymore, said Moody. He further explained that at the time the US Constitution was drafted, jury nullification was “common place”. The idea behind jury nullification is that the jury can get to disagree with the King’s BAD LAW & to refuse to enforce it REGARDLESS of the evidence, Moody added. “A single juror can keep a bad law from harming people”, he said. He stressed that more people who are against cannabis prohibition need to get on these juries and to STOP AVOIDING jury duty. He said to consider it an opportunity to help vindicate somebody’s rights. His closing statement on Jury Nullification was: “It is your right as a juror to refuse to convict people of an immoral & unjust law. And if there ever was a law that was immortal & unjust, it is cannabis prohibition. God gave us what no government should take away”.

Chad Moody, a practicing criminal defense attorney known for fighting marijuana cases in Oklahoma, is also the republican candidate running for Governor of Oklahoma to beat out incumbent republican Mary Fallin. Primary election is June 24, 2014.

This video was recorded on May 28, 2014 at Oklahoma State Capital Bldg, 2300 N. Lincoln, OKC, OK, at Medical Marijuana Petition rally.

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