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Oklahoma GOP senator outted GOP candidate Markwayne Mullin as a Lawless man. Explosives & ATF raid? What? Oh lord!!

Oklahoma GOP senator approves of message outting GOP candidate Mullin as lawless in television ad.

Screen capture of Oklahoma GOP senator approving of message outting GOP candidate Mullin as lawless in television ad.

My oh my…..  Illegal firearm purchases, explosives, ATF raids, reckless endangerment, violent criminality, lawlessness, reckless, fatally flawed are just a few of the things linked  to republican Markwayne Mullin, according to Oklahoma GOP state senator – George Faught campaign website (as of 9/2012).  Oklahoma State Senator Faught  who lost to Mullin in GOP runoff for US congress  Oklahoma district 2 , did a luke warm endorsement of Mullin via his official campaign website.   But that’s not the only thing on his campaign website in reference to Mullin as he used some strong worded characterization of Mullin which is hardly an endorsement for the job as public servant or even entering one’s home to fix the plumbing for that matter  … well.. you know… ah…. I wont be calling his plumbing company to fix the faucet.  And No .. I wont be voting for Mullin either.

In case Oklahoma & National GOP got wind that some of those pages that were still Live as of  9/18/2012 on Faught’s website & they put pressure on Faught to scrub it down, I had already web captured Faught’s campaign website back in September 19, 2012.  The video files were embedded from another external site.  When I checked to look at Faught’s campaign sight again I found most of the incriminating stuff against Mullin had been scrubbed off.  I figured the power-that-be of the GOP got hold of him.

Considering all this, I found it another matter that’s troubling to me &  that was recently brought to my attention since Im blogging stuff that may not be to Mullin’s liking.   Its the issue about his campaign allegedly threatening a Claremore Daily Progress female reporter –  Salesha Wilken.  I hope Mullin nor his campaign play rough with me for my bucking him w/my reporting on the internet.   Oh well, I guess time will tell.  But I  find it necessary to post this issue before matters get turned up a  notch – JUST IN CASE!

Markwayne Mullin - Oklahoma GOP candidate for US Congress deemed as lawless by GOP state senator who endorsed him

Markwayne Mullin – Oklahoma GOP candidate for US Congress deemed as lawless by GOP state senator Faught.  Screen captured on 9/19/2012 from Faught’s website before it got scrubbed off the net.

(OK-GOP) Markwayne Mullin admits taking Fed Stimulus from Cherokee Nation. But suggest government oversight of fed stimulus $ is not required

Markwayne Mullin (ok-gop candidate) who criticized federal stimulus $, explains himself

After candidate forum, I interviewed Markwayne Mullin about the controversial stimulus money he received. His responses seem as though he was trying to back peddle from his prior public GOP talking points that bashed federal stimulus programs & President Obama admin support for those programs. In the interview he admits receiving the federal stimulus money thru the Cherokee Nation for his plumbing business. However, he tried to spin it as though it was the Cherokee nation who got the stimulus funds & that all he did was got paid for doing a job w/what just so happen to be “stimulus funds”. As his father (standing behind me) was trying to define the word “stimulus”, I saw Mullin making hand gestures to hush him up.

Also I believe Mullin presented a falsehood in this interview when he said that how the Cherokee nation choose to spend stimulus funds is totally up to them. The problem w/this statement he gave me is that it strongly suggest that government oversight on how those federal tax payer funds are disbursed by the Cherokee nation is not required. If what he said is actually true, then it would be appropriate for a federal investigation to be called to look into this matter. This also makes me wonder if this kind of GOP mindset could be the reason for waste & fraud. In other words he wants the government grants, but without stipulations or rules or supervision. Its my understanding that it would be illegal for a qualified entity to disburse federal monies (such as stimulus) to another party w/out documentation to show that the other party prior to receiving disbursement (payout) has knowledge that funds received is in fact government funds. Otherwise, there would be no accountability of tax payer funded programs. Furthermore, the only way I’m aware of that any private person or private business can receive federal grants is not directly from the federal government, but instead its thru another organization that received the federal funds for purpose of disbursing it to qualified persons/businesses. Therefore, Mullin responses revealed to me that either he actually has no grasp of how federal grant programs work because the only way he could had received those specific funds was to apply for it thru the Cherokee nation. Or it could be that Mullin was simply lying & “yanking my chain”.

Also, Mullin’s view was that federal stimulus money was the same as a tax refund check (like regular taxpaying folks get in the mail from IRS). Mullin maintained that he never filled out any paperwork nor sought out to get the stimulus funds. However, in order for tax payer to get tax refund from IRS, the taxpayer must apply for that refund. Therefore, Mullin apparently applied for the stimulus if his view is truthful that stimulus & tax refund are the same.

On the matter of veterans as benefactors of federal funded programs, he made some exception (somewhat) – such as: (1) When I asked if he would be opposed to me as a veteran in getting federal grant on the farm bill so that I can start organic chicken farm, he avoided answering. This 1st example is about grants that is considered as stimulus funded.   I figured he avoid answering this question because the GOP failed to pass the farm bill which had expired.   But (2) When I asked if he would be opposed to me as a disabled veteran in obtaining federal grant to get modification of bathroom to accommodate disability (veteran HISA grant) , he seemed to be more approving of it when he responded: “if that program is available to you” .. “because you served our country”. This 2nd example is not considered as fed stimulus funds, according to what I was told by the VA.

Marywayne Mullin is the republican nominee running for election for US Congress (2nd district of Oklahoma). His opponent is Robert Wallace – democrat. The seat they both seek was held by democrat Dan Boren who is retiring & have has held that seat since 2005. US Congressional district 2 of Oklahoma is the only democrat district in the entire state. Therefore, its imperative that the democrats hold on to that district, whereas the republicans are trying to turn the entire state Red. The election will be November 6, 2012.

This interview was videoed on October 9, 2012 at the Armory center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma after a candidates forum. That event was sponsored by the Tahlequah chamber of commerce. Location of that event: 100 Water Avenue, Tahlequah, OK.

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