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Mississippi law student opposes Fed deregulation, supports re-election of Obama

Mississippi law student voice his opinion of Obama & Romney.  Why he supports Obama & Opposes Romney.

Mississippi law student voice his opinion of Obama & Romney. Why he supports Obama & Opposes Romney.

Leif Skognick, Law student at  Mississippi College School of Law who is an Obama supporter, said that if republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney takes the White House, he would take the country in the wrong direction.  He added that under Romney we would see similar failed policies that were made under GW Bush, HW Bush & Reagan.  He said that under of those republican presidents there were triple down economic polices that created capital wealth which destroyed US middle class.

Skognick responded that the country is on a better path now than it was 4 yrs. ago, as 4 yrs. ago there was massive job loss w/no end in sight.  He said that the only solution the republican party came up with was “less regulation”; and that less regulation was what got this country in trouble. He expressed there needs to be certain protective regulation in the financial market.  Under Bush, he added, in the financial market there was rampant speculations in securities that quickly sank the economy.  He summarized that without protective regulation, this might happen again & matters would get worse.

He mentioned that President Obama established a consumer financial protection bureau & that the GOP blocked Obama’s appointed nominee (Elizabeth Warren) to head it.  He felt that basically the GOP has been a party of obstructionists, and that because of it this country would not be able to go to where it needs to go.

This interview was done at a  presidential debate watch party held on Oct 3, 2012 at Hals & Mals Restaurant on 200 Commerce, Jackson, Mississippi – in the Red Room.  The organizers of this event was Organizing for America (OFA) Mississippi chapter.  An estimate of over 200 people attended this event.


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