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Larry Boggs:  District 7. Oklahoma State Senator. Republican.

Oklahoma Politicians – Whose FOR or AGAINST legalization of Marijuana

Larry Boggs:  District 7. Oklahoma State Senator. Republican.

Larry Boggs: District 7. Oklahoma State Senator. Republican.

It seems that Oklahomans are geared up to get marijuana legalized, as over a thousand prepares to converge on the State capital on Feb. 12, 2014 for Lobby Day & Rally to Legalize Marijuana.  So yesterday, I called office of my Oklahoma state senator – Larry Boggs (District 7), to find out if he supports SB 2116 (Legalization of Marijuana) and to ask for his support of the same.  His office was extremely evasive which forced me to belabor questions to get answers.  His office (Anna was person I spoke to) told me that they can not discuss such matters outside of the office.  I reminded her that I am a constituent in his district. By the way Boggs is republican and so am I.

I informed Boggs’ office that I wanted him to support SB 2116.  His office said that Boggs don’t feel the bill would come up for a vote.  I asked the question as to why he felt that way, and the response was that Boggs was informed of this by others.  I asked several times who are the “others” and the response was that the “others” were identified as his “colleagues”.  When I asked for the names of these colleagues, I did not receive a single name.  I’m not sure what was meant by the term “colleagues”.

When I asked how would I know what Boggs position was on the SB 2116, the response was “When he hits that red button to cast his vote”.  I felt I have a right to know how he’s leaning, and I communicated those feelings to his office.

This is very frustrating to me when I can not get straight answers from the politician who represents me.  I feel I am entitled to know his position on these matters.  The phone conversation with his office was like pulling teeth.

Its time to start making list of names of every politician in Oklahoma who is either for or against legalization of marijuana.  I get the feeling there is ducking and dodging going on with this legalization issue, and it needs to be called out.

SB 2116 is an Oklahoma senate bill that was introduced by State Senator Constance Johnson to legalize marijuana.

State Senator Larry Boggs (republican) is a Vietnam veteran.  He represents the following counties in Oklahoma:  Haskel, Hughes, Latimer, Okfuske, and Pittsburg.  Medium age in his district is 39.6 and it seems he represents more people under the age of 44 than any other age group.

Contact information for Larry Boggs:
Senator Larry Boggs
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm.  513B
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-5604
Executive Assistant:  Anita Bell

Okla voter charge Larry Boggs as a Lying Radical Right-wing Republican for red-herring on gun rights

Pittsburg county voter expressed GOP senate candidate Larry Boggs angered him because he felt Boggs lied about Obama’s would abolish 2nd amendment rights if relected. And that Boggs tried to make a connection between the 2. This voter said that Obama does not have the power to abolish the 2nd amendment. He added that Mr. Boggs was a “radical right wing republican” doing a red herring.

When asked if he would vote for Boggs, needless to say he replied no. The lady sitting next to him responded that they would also be voting for Obama.

Larry Boggs is the republican nominee seeking election to the Oklahoma Senate District 7 that is being vacated by Richard C. Lerblance (democrat). His opponent is J. Paul Lane, the democratic nominee. Election is November 6, 2012.

This political candidate forum sponsored by Mcalester News, in Mcalester, Oklahoma. This event was held on Oct 16, 2012 at 6pm at the Kiamichi Center in Mcalester. Approximately 200 people attended.


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