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Since when does being a Baptist Preacher became a disqualifier to be US Senate candidate ?

Regardless of my political affiliation & advocacy for marijuana legalization, I REFUSE to attack Lankford’s Christian faith.  As a daughter of a baptist preacher & raised in a Christian home, I fail to see how Rep. James Lankford being a Baptist preacher disqualifies him for the office of US Senator. There may be other issues I may disagree with GOP US Senate candidate Lankford on, but his being a baptist preacher is NOT 1 of them. Actually, its a plus in his favor so far as I’m concerned. To attack this man’s works in the ministry does not set well with me.

James Lankford is the GOP nominee for US Senate to fill the seat vacated by Tom Coburn.  His opponent is Connie Johnson, who is the Democrat nominee.   Date of general election in Oklahoma is November 4, 2014.


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