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Only a KILLER would say “Fuk Your Breath” to a dying Black man pleading for Life

Tulsa black community leader explained that only a killer would say “Fuk your breath” to a dying black man pleading for his life.

This protest was a reaction to a murder committed by white Tulsa reserve deputy officer (Robert Charles Bates) who killed unarmed black man (Eric Harris); and also in reaction to the 2 white deputies (Michael Huckeby & Joseph Byars) who deliberately ignored Harris’s plea for help and told him “fuck your breath”.

Date & location of this video recording was April 14, 2015 at 1st thru 5th Streets, on corner of Denver Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Main speaker in this video is Babalawo Fagbenro Amusan.  The person standing beside him is Jonathan Townsend.

State senator Anastasia Pittman, the “Olivia Pope of Oklahoma”, paid by Caucasian White Males

Anastasia Pittman (Oklahoma state senator district 48)

Anastasia Pittman (Oklahoma state senator district 48)















Anastasia Pittman, a black Oklahoma state senator (district 48’s black community), under fire for bragging on blog radio about being the Olivia Pope of Oklahoma and that she gets her money from “caucasian white males”.  It unknown as to if Pittman planned to say these racially suggestive things on a radio broadcast,  but she later on identified her campaign adviser “Theresa Hill” by name at the end of the interview.

Here is the audio file .

Previously she provided cover  for white racist – Levi Pettit.     Levi Petti, a University of Oklahoma student and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)  fraternity member was expelled for leading a racist chant on a bus about hanging “niggers” from a tree and vowing to exclude “niggers” from joining SAE.

OK State senator Anastasia Pittman holding hands w/SAE member Levi Pettit who led racist chant about hanging a "nigg**"

OK State senator Anastasia Pittman holding hands w/SAE member Levi Pettit who led racist chant about hanging a “nigg**”

Who is Olivia Pope? She is a character of the television series Scandal portrayed as a mulatto woman who prostitutes herself to white men so as to allow to them to “think white”, while also allowing them to “sleep black”. The character Olivia Pope is also the one who cleans up after WHITE MEN so as to cover their mess ups, even if doing so undermines the black community. This is who ANASTASIA PITTMAN sees herself as. What self respecting black woman in politics (or otherwise) would openly brag about such a thing?











LINKS:  The 3/28/2014 full audio interview source file was posted on  Tezlyn Figaro blog talk radio.

Tulsa, OK GOP Discriminates Against Black Republicans – Reported to NAACP

Michael McCutchin – Tulsa GOP Chairman (via Sooner Politics)



NAACP State Oklahoma President – Anthony Douglas

NAACP Oklahoma received complaint  that Tulsa GOP is discriminating against  black republicans.   Apparently Tulsa GOP chairman – Michael McCutchin has made it difficult for black republicans to attend precinct meetings by moving the locations outside of  their area.   It is believed the intent is to alienate black republicans from becoming precinct officers and to discourage black republicans in that district from becoming  voting members at the state convention.   The NAACP letter states in part:

“According to Tulsa GOP Chairman, Michael McCutchin, any North Tulsa Precincts chosen a neighborhood location that disadvantaged citizens could walk to and feel safe & comfortably received in, would be banished from the county convention as a punishment for exercising their precinct’s will”.

NAACP complaint regarding Tulsa GOP disenfranchising black republicans

Read more for details ….

Oklahoma Muslim group calls on state lawmaker to stand down on Unconstitutional Bible Bill

Oklahoma State Sen. Kyle Loveless

Oklahoma CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), is calling for Senator Kyle Loveless  to withdraw senate bill that  excludes other religions.   In response to the question if Loveless would support the Koran, he said:  “Oklahoma is a predominantly Christian state”.

Due to fears that Oklahoma schools would get sued for offering the Bible classes,  Loveless proposed senate bill 48 that would protect them from it.  Read more…

Oklahoma County official criticized by Black caucus member for racial derogatory remarks

OKC County official, Larry Stein made racial remarks directed at black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.    He called blacks animals and thugs and later used the late Rev. Martin Luther King to justify those racial remarks.  Above is screen shot of Stein’s initial remarks that he posted on facebook.    Black caucus member, Mike Shelton criticized Stein for the remarks. This news story was posted on KFOR’s news site and it’s facebook page.  Since the backlash Stein removed the derogatory facebook post; and it appears that he has privatized his twitter account as well.

Larry Stein is the Oklahoma County deputy assessor and the Communications Director for the Oklahoma GOP.  Mike Shelton  (OK-D)is also an Oklahoma State  house member.

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Oklahoma County Official makes controversial remarks facebook post regarding Ferguson Protest




Oklahoma Governor bought & sold wont legalize medical cannabis.”No man can Serv 2 Masters” said Chad Moody

Chad Moody questions (rhetorically) as to why Oklahoma state legislators & Governor Mary Fallin tend to ignore majority of Oklahomans who wants legal medical marijuana. He said the reason is NOT due to ignorance, but that Governor Fallin & the state legislatures have been bought & sold. He added, “No man can serve 2 masters”.

Chad Mood, a practicing criminal defense attorney known as the marijuana lawyer,  is also a republican candidate running for Governor of Oklahoma to beat out incumbent republican Mary Fallin. Primary election is June 24, 2014.

This video was recorded on May 28, 2014 at Oklahoma State Capital Bldg, 2300 N. Lincoln, OKC, OK, at Medical Marijuana Petition rally.


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