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MESSAGE TO WHITES IN AMERICA. Considering Ferguson Riots, What if white America just said ‘no’?

Message to Whites in America from  ArleneArmy:

Listen up whites in America, you all know what is going on here recently.  The ongoing  rampant lawlessness the world saw on display in Ferguson will more likely spread.  The law abiding black Americans, who are obviously outnumbered can only do so much to push back on these attacks.   Most of what is happening  is being allowed to exist & grown is because whites in US are silent.  It would be helpful to this nation if you would just SAY NO.  Please Do it!

Please read link to article from Rev. Jessee Peterson who explains how you can help  –> What if white America just said ‘no’?.

“Michael Brown made bad choices & paid the consequences for his actions…He was a thug”

Excerpt from Victor Driver, Sr. facebook.  Its a good read:  “All this Politically Correct crap is a divisive and insane technique leading people away from Truth and Hope and Unity. Law enforcement is trained to do CRIMINAL PROFILING, not this stupid crap that people are falling for by misnaming it Racial Profiling.

If numerous home break ins all occur at the hands of black teenage boys in a neighborhood, it makes no sense to initially suspect an asian or latino teen walking in the neighborhood. WAKE UP!

Thank God for law enforcement”…. (read more)

Will Black GOP Nominee win 2014 Senate Election – South Carolina? Tim Scott.

U.S. Rep. Tim Scott smiles during a press conference announcing him as Jim DeMint’s replacement in the U.S. Senate at the South Carolina Statehouse on Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, in Columbia, S.C. (Rainier Ehrhardt/AP)


There’s hardly any talk in  the main stream media about Tim Scott’s 2014 candidacy for the US Senate.  He won the GOP nomination in South Carolina.  Scott very well could be the first black elected US senator from South Carolina.  According to  Washington Post, he’s the undercover senator.

Since when does being a Baptist Preacher became a disqualifier to be US Senate candidate ?

Regardless of my political affiliation & advocacy for marijuana legalization, I REFUSE to attack Lankford’s Christian faith.  As a daughter of a baptist preacher & raised in a Christian home, I fail to see how Rep. James Lankford being a Baptist preacher disqualifies him for the office of US Senator. There may be other issues I may disagree with GOP US Senate candidate Lankford on, but his being a baptist preacher is NOT 1 of them. Actually, its a plus in his favor so far as I’m concerned. To attack this man’s works in the ministry does not set well with me.

James Lankford is the GOP nominee for US Senate to fill the seat vacated by Tom Coburn.  His opponent is Connie Johnson, who is the Democrat nominee.   Date of general election in Oklahoma is November 4, 2014.

Okla voter charge Larry Boggs as a Lying Radical Right-wing Republican for red-herring on gun rights

Pittsburg county voter expressed GOP senate candidate Larry Boggs angered him because he felt Boggs lied about Obama’s would abolish 2nd amendment rights if relected. And that Boggs tried to make a connection between the 2. This voter said that Obama does not have the power to abolish the 2nd amendment. He added that Mr. Boggs was a “radical right wing republican” doing a red herring.

When asked if he would vote for Boggs, needless to say he replied no. The lady sitting next to him responded that they would also be voting for Obama.

Larry Boggs is the republican nominee seeking election to the Oklahoma Senate District 7 that is being vacated by Richard C. Lerblance (democrat). His opponent is J. Paul Lane, the democratic nominee. Election is November 6, 2012.

This political candidate forum sponsored by Mcalester News, in Mcalester, Oklahoma. This event was held on Oct 16, 2012 at 6pm at the Kiamichi Center in Mcalester. Approximately 200 people attended.


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