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Black veteran slams black civil rights organizations & black leaders at Ferguson rally

Black veteran slams black civil rights organizations & black leaders at Ferguson rally.  One of the complaints was that black civil rights leadership caused disbursement of fraudulent black farmers law suit monies to blacks who had never farmed.


credits:  EvilNeoconStl videos

“Michael Brown made bad choices & paid the consequences for his actions…He was a thug”

Excerpt from Victor Driver, Sr. facebook.  Its a good read:  “All this Politically Correct crap is a divisive and insane technique leading people away from Truth and Hope and Unity. Law enforcement is trained to do CRIMINAL PROFILING, not this stupid crap that people are falling for by misnaming it Racial Profiling.

If numerous home break ins all occur at the hands of black teenage boys in a neighborhood, it makes no sense to initially suspect an asian or latino teen walking in the neighborhood. WAKE UP!

Thank God for law enforcement”…. (read more)

Why is Obama forcing new gun buyers to divulge there race & ethnicity?

Why are American citizens being required to declare there race and ethnicity on the new forms when they attempt to purchase a new fire arm.  Considering that President Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder have complained about racial profiling, it’s odd that they would impose this new rule.  Is this a sign that gun registration is coming soon?

Reportedly, ATF in 2012 amended its Form 4473.   Where does it mention on this form that its optional to give information about race and ethnicity?

ATF requiring new gun owners to divulge race & ethnicity on Form 4473.

ATF requiring new gun owners to divulge race & ethnicity on Form 4473.




Rob Wallace (D-OK) “Nobody in Washington is going to intimidate me .. I’ll go toe-to-toe”

Rob Wallace (OK-D) for US Congress said SE Oklahomans need to send someone to capital hill who knows how to go toe-to-toe, as he has the experience in dealing w/the worst people imaginable. Wallace said that NOBODY in Washington is going to intimidate him.   He also said that the political system has been a system of hired voices, & further indicated that regular folks don’t have the bucks to hire K-street lobbyist to carry their voice.

Wallace said the system has become a set of members who only listens to hired voices.  Therefore, the only way for people in SE Oklahoma to get heard, he added, was for them to send someone from this area who will stand up to the special interest.

The moderator’s question posed to Rob Wallace was:”Gridlock is clogging up Capital Hill & with the 2 major parities often polarized to the detriment of the nation as a whole, and as a freshman US Representative what can you do to try to break down the lock jam that often occurs on capital hill?”.

Robert (Rob) Wallace, a democrat & Former Assistant US Attorney General is running for the office of US congress (2nd congressional district Oklahoma). His opponent is Marywayne Mullin — a republican & local plumber. The seat they both seek was held by democrat Dan Boren who is retiring & have held that seat since 2005. US Congressional district 2 of Oklahoma is the only democrat district in the entire state. Therefore, its imperative that the democrats hold on to that district, as the republicans are trying to turn the entire state Red to impair political balance. The election will be November 6, 2012.

Okla voter charge Larry Boggs as a Lying Radical Right-wing Republican for red-herring on gun rights

Pittsburg county voter expressed GOP senate candidate Larry Boggs angered him because he felt Boggs lied about Obama’s would abolish 2nd amendment rights if relected. And that Boggs tried to make a connection between the 2. This voter said that Obama does not have the power to abolish the 2nd amendment. He added that Mr. Boggs was a “radical right wing republican” doing a red herring.

When asked if he would vote for Boggs, needless to say he replied no. The lady sitting next to him responded that they would also be voting for Obama.

Larry Boggs is the republican nominee seeking election to the Oklahoma Senate District 7 that is being vacated by Richard C. Lerblance (democrat). His opponent is J. Paul Lane, the democratic nominee. Election is November 6, 2012.

This political candidate forum sponsored by Mcalester News, in Mcalester, Oklahoma. This event was held on Oct 16, 2012 at 6pm at the Kiamichi Center in Mcalester. Approximately 200 people attended.


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