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Is “Little Dixie” a bad word in McAlester, Oklahoma?

At a medicaid expansion rally in McAlester, Oklahoma it was said that the reason why the Motorcade of Medicaid took the path they took to get to McAlester, Oklahoma was because this is Little Dixie.  One of the ladies in audience sounded like she was offended, and said that they are not suppose to use that word because its associated with KKK and illiteracy.

I have heard the term “Little Dixie” used in describing the politics and culture of McAlester, OK & Pittsburg county Oklahoma (generally).  Actually Ive heard the term “Little Dixie” being used to describe Southeastern Oklahoma & the entire Congressional District 2.  I didn’t realize this until I moved to Southeastern Oklahoma.   Though I have heard the phrase “Yellow dog” & ‘Blue dog” very rarely used in white republican or tea-party circles of Southeastern Oklahoma in reference to their white democrat counterparts in the state; but
the phrase “Little Dixie” is mostly & loosely used by white republicans in Southeastern Oklahoma to categorize white democrats in Congressional District 2 Oklahoma.

I heard what the woman in the video said in reference as to why she disliked the phrase “Little Dixie”, but I’m wondering if she disliked the phrase because it’s a truthful disclosure or a reminder of what she does not want to be said out loud.

Let’s be honest about this Little Dixie thing.. the meaning of the phrase Little Dixie does accurately depict Southeastern Oklahoma.  So please lets not pretend it does not.  I know what “Little Dixie” & Dixiecrat mean, as do most African Americans – even though “Little Dixie” & Dixiecrat is not a term that most blacks use.  Reason being that most blacks don’t use the phrase is because its associated with the same political party that Blacks are associated with themselves.  It does not  mean that blacks adore Dixiecrats.  Its a rock & a hard place for black folks, when there are only 2 political parties to deal with.

The needs and wants of black democrats is not necessarily the same as a Dixiecrat.  Whereas the Dixiecrat wants states rights, most blacks oppose this because it would mean a death sentence them & they would have no protection when they are already racially discriminated against & are severely outnumbered.  Look what happened to North Tulsa (which is not even Little Dixie).  I’ve spoke with several blacks in Southeastern Oklahoma within the past 6 months about their concerns and it appears that they are paying close attention not only due to how Congressional District 2 voted in the last presidential election; but they are especially paying more attention here recently to the obvious racial disparity they are subjected to in the criminal justice system & in employment – which BY THE WAY is a system within this locality that’s controlled NOT by republicans.  Remember, Southeastern Oklahoma particularly in Pittsburg & Hughes County is a democrat stronghold.   I  have heard many of blacks in the area say that they will cast a “retaliation vote”.  I think you (the reader) know what that means.  But only time will tell as to what black democrats in Pittsburg & Hughes county will actually do on voting day.  I have asked them to choose their political candidate wisely, but to pay attention to the ‘”low hanging fruit”  – AKA:  local & state politicians.

What I have not figured out yet is how did this Little Dixie thing occur in Southeastern Oklahoma (or anywhere in Oklahoma for that matter) in the 1st place, considering that Oklahoma was not a slave state.

This video was recorded on July 27, 2013 at Chadick Park in McAlester, OK.

If Obama Had Said He Would Go Rogue, Would Folks Still Had Voted For Him?

Everyone has an idea of what “gone rogue” REALLY means.   But there’s a lot of folks out there who would spin it to glamorize what they THINK they want to see in a leader.

Basically, to go rogue is to be your own boss.  No rules.  No tie downs.   No strings attached.  Behavior you would find in unattached people who are not accountable to others and whose success or failure falls on him/herself alone.  Self Employed.  Not a team player.  No supervision.  No commitment.   Not bound by constituents <—- does this sound familiar?

Personally, I can only speak for myself.   But a person “gone rogue” don’t make good leaders.  And they certainly don’t make good employees in organizations.  “Gone rogue”  is something you’ll find in “lone” hunters, gamblers, political fix-it men like Carl Rove or Carville.   There is a place for them in this world, but again, NOT in leadership roles.  What would become of our military if its LEADERS were to go rogue?

Regardless if  folks who follow Sarah Palin try to spin the positives of “going rogue” as befitting of a president, they need to realize that “gone rogue” means just what it says “gone rogue”.   No matter if its Palin or anybody else.    A person who “goes rogue” does it w/out authorization or consent from anyone.   Last time I checked, the presidency of the United States has strings attached.  The President has a boss and is checked & balanced by Congress. Which is something that Obama still fails to realize.

Yes, we already have a person in the White House who has “gone rogue”.    Going rogue may be a cute label to identity some people, but its not flattering for a “Leader”.   BUT check out where Im going with this:

Sarah Palin,  a self-admitted “going rogue”  person has already gave the caveat.   She readily admits that if you hire her, that she WILL go rogue.   She went rogue when she endorsed John McCain for his senate re-election bid.   And she did this against the blessing of the tea party, who propped her up as the tea party darling.  But “going rogue” don’t need no blessing from anybody.  A “going roguer”  just “do”.  Is that so hard to understand?  Again, she gave us the caveat, disclaimer, duly notified or what ever you want to call it.

The same with Obama, when he was straight up when he TOLD US he was 5 days away from “Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America” .  But there are many folks EVEN TODAY who deny they heard him say it or that they didn’t think he meant it literally.   Some say that they were deceived because he didn’t clarify what that statement meant.  Obama didn’t lie about it.   It’s that people were too mesmerized  and caught up in the euphoria at the time he said it.  But again, he did give us the caveat, disclaimer, duly notified or what ever you want to call it.  

If Obama had said he would GO ROGUE, would folks still had voted for him?

And if they did, would they Blame Him for Doing It?

NOTE:  Definition of Rogue (ref. investopedia) A trader who acts independently of others – and, typically, recklessly – usually to the detriment of both the clients and the institution that employs him or her. Rogue traders typically trade in high risk investments which can create huge losses but also large gains.


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