William FourKiller (D-OK) Fights against abolishing Oklahoma Affirmative Action law

William FourKiller (D-OK) Fights against abolishing Oklahoma Affirmative Action Law

Will FourKiller (D-OK) Fights against abolishing Oklahoma Affirmative Action Law

William (Will) FourKiller, democrat incumbent for re-election 2012 as state representative, supports Oklahoma “affirmative action law” & said that it needs to stay intact.  There is a proposed eradication of affirmation action from Oklahoma law that will on voting ballot in the general election – November 2012.  FourKiller says that he believes in the affirmative action law whole heatedly, and that as a minority himself, he feels that we need that opportunity to not be discriminated against in employment, contracts, etc..  He added that affirmative law is working as it was intended to work &  that there was no reverse discrimination as certain others claimed it was.  He did mentioned that proposed abolishing of affirmative action in Oklahoma, was a political move by a state house member who was seeking to be promoted to speaker of the house.  It was not until later today, that I had learned that a T.W. Shannon was the 1 who presented this anti-affirmative action initiative.

FourKiller said that he was OSU to explain this affirmative action law that is threatened to be abolished by the republican held House of the Oklahoma state legislature.   He said that he explained to the NAACP OSU chapter that the Affirmative Action question on the 2012 ballot also affects women that young women especially need to attention as it affects gender as well.   The affirmation law on the ballot will be SQ (State Question) 759 & that if voters want to keep that law then VOTE NO.

His opponent, Russell Don Turner – a republican, was interviewed on Affirmative Action law repeal.  Turner response was negative towards affirmative action law.  Turner indicated the law was no longer needed & causes division.

FourKiller currently is a state representative for house district 86 in Oklahoma.  District 86 covers northeast Cherokee county,  southern Delaware county and all of Adair county.

This interview was videoed at the Armory center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on October 9, 2012 after a political forum sponsored by Tahlequah chamber of commerce.

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    I am so sorry to hear about Lorraine. Iv known her my whole life. She was also a cousin to me. She was a very spieacl person. My prayers will be with her family during these sad days that follow. Linda, Lorraine and I run around together through school. She was a beautiful person. Im sorry that I didnt get to see her much now that we had got older. May God be with your family.


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