Hughes Co Oklahoma jail inmates in unsanitary conditions? Then Undersheriff want 2 cut back on groceries?

As a counter attack on Sheriff candidate Kenny Snyder, the undersheriff Doug Sipes of Hughes County Oklahoma at a political forum defended the sheriff dept as being timely in its response time to police calls.

Sipes complains that there’s only 2 good computers that he feels need upgrade w/new programing so that they could get information from other agencies. And that the jail needs to sell guns so basement can be cleared out.

The county jail sanitation is a problem, as Sipes mention it needs to be disinfected. Considering that this unsanitary jail is where inmates are housed, there may be health & disease issues. However, Sipes wants to bring in commissary snake food and cut back on the kitchen meals. I would had thought that if he’s going to make inmates live in disease infestation, at least he could allow them to keep their strength up with a nutritious cooked meal to give then a fighting chance of survival. Just saying!!

Regarding his credentials that he feels that qualifies him for job as sheriff is his 23 yrs of law enforcement experience.

The other candidates for Hughes County sheriff were: Kenny Snyder,Todd Hignite and Nolen Grizzle . According to the Oklahoma Sheriff association website, all candidates running for Hughes county sheriff are democrats. Doug Sipes & these 3 other candidate wants to be the new sheriff of Hughes County. The current sheriff, Houston Yeager is retiring.

At this political candidate speaking forum, there was an estimated attendance of little over a hundred people. It appeared to be standing room only.

This political candidate speaking event which was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 was located at Calvin Senior Citizen Center (Calvin Nutrition Center) in Calvin, Oklahoma.

The primary election is June 26, 2012. Run off is August 28, 2012. General election is November 6, 2012.

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